Clean Hippies

Coined from our wedding, my friend reflected on a recent stay she experienced with us that married a dichotomy of hippie-like tendencies brewed with contemporary living. Soooo what does that mean?

We’re creatures of habit (well, more-so Conner than me). We head to the average American’s 9-5 during the day, but in the evening we’ll eat kale, grow our own sprouts and dab lavender behind our ears before hitting the hay. We love to travel but choose experiential over all-inclusive. We camp, we cook, we pride ourselves on resourcefulness. We like a good deal, but nothing trumps a great meal. And for that we’re willing to pay. We work to live. Don’t live to work.

We are two, normal folks that travel like normal folks. Por ejemplo- we won't read a magazine and think a “starting at” $500 for room and board is the going rate for an incredible experience.

We seek the golden nuggets of worldly travel, nooks and crannies of cozy living and michelin stars in their own right of cultural cuisine.

We are The Clippies.
Or just Joni and Conner.