Destiny with the World's Deadliest Road

I say destiny, because descending 5 hours down a 15,260 ft., 3 meter wide road on mountain bikes with nothing but a shot of moonshine and very thin layer of “protective gear” was nowhere near the pinterest-worthy itinerary we had planned in the salt flats of Bolivia.

Welcome to the World’s Deadliest Road folks!

Dubbed by locals as ‘El Camino de la Muerte’ (The Death Road), this popular tourist activity consists of a 40-mile descent with sheer drops, hairpin bends and the one and only nugget of advice from our Aussi guide—don’t use your breaks. Yep, makes sense.
Throw in some never-ridden-a-bike tourists and a 300 deaths-per-year statistic, and you’ve got yourself an adventure! Did I mention we were on our honeymoon?

While Conner was throwing down wheelies, I was focused on dodging obstacles of overcrowded buses, dogs and livestock sharing the single-lane road. My mind shifted from scenes of Jerry Seinfeld’s stand-up about scuba diving as the only sport where the main goal is to not die, and show tunes. I sang those loud. My go-to coping mechanism. 

In reality, it's really not that bad. Am I being a tad dramatic? Perhaps. Once you burry the what-could-go-wrong jib jab in the back of your mind, the stunning views among the rolling hills of the Amazon rainforest along with the please-don’t-die rush is pretty spectacular. An exhilarating experience you do not want to miss. 
Not to mention, we met a rad Ausi couple, Alex and Paul. We’re Facebook friends now. So. 

Final consensus? Do it.

Tour Agency

Gravity Bolivia
Quality bikes, small group setting and one, very charismatic Aussi Tour Guide. 
Highly recommend Gravity Bolivia for Death Road every time.

Where to Stay

Stannum Boutique Hotel
Ave. Arce 2631 | San Jorge, La Paz
After 36 hours of traveling through Bolivia by train and by bus, entering the immaculate and tastefully designed Stannum was quite a treat. Besides the friendly greeting, complimentary libation, tasty snacks, incredible view and comfy beds, it was the customer service that really made our experience so delightful. By far the best service we've received anywhere. Literally every request was met above any beyond our expectations. The staff made us feel like we were their only guests which is so refreshing. Thumbs up, 5 stars, don't bother looking anywhere else!

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