A Home Décor Boutique That Defines Cozy Escapism

Like walking into a friend’s well-curated home, design sisters Susana Ward and Elaina Meyers host a charming showroom and home décor boutique that defines cozy escapism.

From travel-centric coffee table books and eclectic ceramics, to their own Bali collection of hand-woven throws, baskets and furniture, the shop is a fusion of places the sisters have been, artisans they've met and space-defining pieces for every home. Come in and get wanderlost in a hanging macrame chair that cradles you as you float into a day dream of far away places!

The award-winning design sisters launched the brand’s inaugural home décor line just this year, The Bali Collection (a Bali-meets-Cali vibe every home should feel), with popularity so high, the sister’s are positioning their new line to be available in interior-lover’s favorite brick and mortar stores.

Head over to the SHOP for a taste of their Bali-meets-Cali vibe every home should feel.


photos by Design 4 Corners