When Your Body Needs a Cleanse from Cleansing: Juanitas Taco Shop


In San Diego (North County specifically) we are surrounded by a healthy does of healthy: organic, grass fed, green loving, kambucha drinking, paleo friendly cafes serving up all things good for the mind, body and soul. I love this about where we live, because 97% of the time I want to eat this way. As for the other 3%, I choose to mix up my gut flora with Juanitas Taco Shop—The pigment pink, sticker-tatted taqueria situated on the 101 in Encinitas and buddied up next to Bloom, a naturopathic practitioner. P.S. You know those Bloom gals get their Juanitas fix, albeit paired with a handful of digestive enzymes, but devoured nonetheless! 

From the outside longingly looking in, cars are forced by a stop sign (was that Juanitas doing?) to slowly pass, resulting in an internal battle of “do I stop for a pollo asado or keep going? Stop! Go! Stop! Blast! I should have gone in!” 

On the inside, this fine establishment is always full (literally from 8am-2am) of pumped patrons seated solo or con amigos in booths, double-fisting Juanita’s red and green salsas and ravenously, yet ever-so-delicately tearing away the neon yellow paper that holds the key to their heart’s desire. At least for that moment.



Breakfast Burrito
I keep it simple: Eggs + Beans + Light Cheese + Potatoes + alternate salsas squeezed on each bite. Earthy, soft, refried beans specked with black pepper, potatoes al-dente and a perfectly set scramble layered in cheese and rolled in tight. As Marie Kondo would say, this husky go-to sparks joy, and so, I continue to involve it in my life. I literally have a smile on my face for the rest of the day.

Pollo Asado
A plumpy, flour-dusted tortilla packed with chunks of steaming, stewed chicken, the crunch of white onion and a smooth guac. It’s salty, it’s simple, it satisfies beyond.